Balcony trellis
  • 4-7 POTS outdoor flower stand balcony multi-functional flower stand
    The utility model relates to a multifunctional flower stand, which is characterized in that the frame body comprises a plurality of ring sleeves sequentially connected from top to bottom, the ring sleeves are circular and the diameter of the lower ring sleeves is successively larger; The ring sleeve circumference is provided with a plurality of clamping slots, the ring sleeve is provided with a support rod, the support rod is connected with the clamping ring, the clamping ring is provided with a through hole; The support rod is a hollow mechanism, and is connected with the clasp ring and the ring sleeve; The flowerpot is arranged in the clasp ring, the flowerpot is provided with a water interface, and the water interface card is arranged in the through hole.
  • Seven-storey flower stand Outdoor balcony flower stand advanced simple flower stand
    As an architectural piece, the flower stand itself has a certain internal space and external extension space. Compared with other garden space (such as buildings, plants, etc.), it has two characteristics, that is, it has the dual nature of three-dimensional architectural space and four-dimensional plant space. Therefore, the flower shelf can not only complete the function of organizing space independently, but also form a compound garden space together with other gardening elements.

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