Welcome to Quanzhou Jinsheng Light Product Co., Ltd., your trusted source for high-quality metal furniture and household goods. We are located in the bustling Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone in Fujian Province, Southeast China. With over 15 years of dedication to excellence, we have become a leading manufacturer in this industry.

Quality Metal Furniture and Household Goods
Our product range is diverse and designed to meet your everyday needs. From durable shoe racks to versatile clothes racks, convenient drying racks, and space-saving folding tables, we offer a wide selection of metal furniture and household goods. We take pride in the functionality and quality of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Our 20,000 square meter factory is equipped with cutting-edge production facilities. Our capabilities span tube manufacturing, cutting, bending, welding, acid-washing, powder coating, and plastic and fabric production. Each production stage is overseen by a specialized management team to guarantee top-notch quality and cost efficiency.

Innovation and Research & Development
Innovation is at the heart of our company. We maintain a dedicated research and development team that has secured more than 10 patents. We continuously strive to enhance our product offerings and stay ahead of market trends.

Global Reach
Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our production and design teams, our products are now available on four continents, including North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our commitment to quality and excellence resonates with customers worldwide.

Established in 2004
We are a company with a history of excellence, founded in 2004. With a 6,655 square meter factory located in No. 697, Luoyang Avenue, Huian County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China, we are well-positioned to fulfill your needs.

Product Offerings
Our primary product categories include a wide range of metal household goods and versatile garment racks and shoe racks, designed to complement modern living spaces.

Service Excellence
We take great pride in offering top-notch service and support to our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you.

Global Distribution
Our products reach customers across the globe, with a strong presence in North America and the domestic market. We are dedicated to expanding our reach and ensuring that more people can enjoy the benefits of our high-quality metal furniture and household goods.


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