Multifunctional flower stand
  • Flower shelf Balcony flower shelf Multi-functional flower shelf
    Flower stands are also known as green corridors, flower corridors, pergolas, and vine sheds. It is a kind of small facility composed of columns and structures with lattice bars on top, which can enable vines to climb and cover. In all kinds of garden green space, the flower shelf with its lively shape, color and plant performance, jointly create a set of use function and scenery viewing as one of the landscape space
  • Home balcony flower rack Multi-functional flower rack flower storage rack
    Flower stands can be used in various types of garden green space, often set in scenic places for rest and scenery, and can also be combined with pavilions, corridors, water pavilions, etc., to form beautiful garden buildings; In the residential green space and children's playground, the flower shelves can be used for rest, shade and cool; With flower racks instead of veranda, you can connect the space; Climbing vines with lattice walls can separate the scenery; Tea rooms, cold drink departments, restaurants, etc., can also be used as pergolas with flower racks to set seats; It can also be used as a garden gate.
  • Three pot flower stand balcony outdoor multi-functional flower stand
    As an architectural piece, the flower stand itself has a certain internal space and external extension space. Compared with other garden space (such as buildings, plants, etc.), it has two characteristics, that is, it has the dual nature of three-dimensional architectural space and four-dimensional plant space. Therefore, the flower shelf can not only complete the function of organizing space independently, but also form a compound garden space together with other gardening elements

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